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Feb 23, 2018

Question: Is there a better backdrop for a love story than a city like Chicago? If you ask Danielle & Austin you’d probably get a resounding, “NO”. And I think that’s because they’re completely smitten with the city, almost as much as they are with each other. It should come as no surprise to you […]

Apr 22, 2017

Michael & Morgan were radiating with joy when they shared their exciting news with me. They couldn’t wait to make the announcement to their family and friends. So, we scheduled their session for just a few short weeks away.  Before our time together we spoke about how they would share the news, where they wanted […]

Apr 21, 2017

This is Autumn, she’s college bound and ready to say “YES” to everything that comes her way. I’m so proud of her for setting that intention because the next few years will be filled with new and unexpected opportunity and adventure. Recently accepted to UW-Madison, she’ll be pursuing a nursing degree because she loves working […]

Apr 20, 2017

These two are playful, ready for adventure, and extremely tenderhearted. Kaydn and Riley, the cutest twin brothers ever, showed up to our session with open arms.  They greeted me with big hugs then turned towards the field and took off running. Some moms would have broke-a-sweat, but not Kaitlyn, she kept her cool.  I am so grateful […]

Apr 19, 2017

Meet Jess, a stunner with a laid back vibe whose playful and a little bit bashful. Our time together was effortless and relaxed –  just the way I like it. Before the session, we spoke about photographing Jess in a natural and unposed way. I knew the best way to make that happen was to lead […]