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Feb 23, 2018

Austin & Danielle | Engagement

Question: Is there a better backdrop for a love story than a city like Chicago? If you ask Danielle & Austin you’d probably get a resounding, “NO”. And I think that’s because they’re completely smitten with the city, almost as much as they are with each other. It should come as no surprise to you then that they wanted their engagement photographs taken in the heart of the city. During the snowiest part of winter (p.s. I just love that!).

When I first spoke with Danielle she mentioned that she wanted to make stops at the Kinzie St. Bridge, the Lakeshore Walking Path, and the Heritage Bicycle & Coffee. After we got off the phone I did a little happy dance (literally) because I could not wait to Uber our way around the city together. What she didn’t mention was the significance of each place in their love story. But don’t worry they shared all of those little details with me throughout the day.

We started at the Kinzie St. Bridge, a familiar walk for Danielle & Austin because Austin lived in the river cottages tucked up against the bridge. Yup, that’s right, the Harry Weese postmodern building – you know the ones. So Cool, Right?!?! Then off we went to the riverfront because who would want to miss an opportunity to photograph these two in front of the Chicago Skyline? Not me, especially when it’s drenched in fog like it was the afternoon we were there. We ended our day at Heritage Bicycle & Coffee, the very place Danielle spent countless hours studying for the bar exam. It was the perfect place to warm up, sip on cappuccinos, and take a few moments for Danielle & Austin to type love notes on a vintage typewriter.

Take a peek below at their photographs, aren’t they the sweetest couple?!?!



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