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Apr 20, 2017

Kaydn & Riley | Little Ones

These two are playful, ready for adventure, and extremely tenderhearted. Kaydn and Riley, the cutest twin brothers ever, showed up to our session with open arms.  They greeted me with big hugs then turned towards the field and took off running.

Some moms would have broke-a-sweat, but not Kaitlyn, she kept her cool.  I am so grateful she did because that gave them permission to be themselves. They didn’t have to worry about acting a certain way, standing still, or keeping their hands to themselves. All they had to do, was be in the moment. For them, that meant running, jumping, and holding each other so tightly that two often became one. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while.

We ended our time together by playing with their favorite red & yellow dump truck and bulldozer. They sat closely together, making engine noises, and crashed the trucks into each other like boys do. I photographed some really beautiful moments of them together that day.  But for me, the last five minutes we shared together holds the deepest meaning because it documents a really special time in their lives – the small moments they share together every single day.

Location // Elkhorn, WI.



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