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Apr 19, 2017

Jess | High School Seniors

Meet Jess, a stunner with a laid back vibe whose playful and a little bit bashful. Our time together was effortless and relaxed –  just the way I like it.

Before the session, we spoke about photographing Jess in a natural and unposed way. I knew the best way to make that happen was to lead her through an open field, moving into the light, and pausing every so often to capture a few frames.

“Pausing” is the perfect way to describe how I work with my clients. In fact, I start every session by giving them permission to move freely. We’re humans, we move. We express ourselves, communicate, and connect with others using body language. Which is why I want my clients to move, share stories with me, and shift their bodies while I’m photographing them – it’s the best way to get relaxed and natural images.

Just take a look at her. We walked through fields, swayed back and forth, talked about what’s happening in her world right now, and laughed – a lot.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Location // Elkhorn, WI.


  1. Jess Balestrieri

    November 13th, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Sonya has the perfect vision for her clients, and when I say clients I mean friends and family. She is so kind hearted and makes her sessions fun. She let me move freely and captures me in a very calm and collected manner. Its not a pose, its a movement, and I just love that about Sonya. I cannot thank her enough! She is so beautifully talented and she reflects that on all of her clients.


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