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Apr 21, 2017

Autumn | High School Seniors

This is Autumn, she’s college bound and ready to say “YES” to everything that comes her way. I’m so proud of her for setting that intention because the next few years will be filled with new and unexpected opportunity and adventure.

Recently accepted to UW-Madison, she’ll be pursuing a nursing degree because she loves working with people and impacting lives in a meaningful way. And when she’s not in class she’ll be chasing her other passion, dance. And boy is she good.

I love it when my client is a dancer┬ábecause they understand the nuances of movement and how to use body language to communicate emotion. Dancing is a wonderful way to loosen up in front of the camera because when you’re dancing you stop worrying about who’s watching, and surrender to the rhythm.

It not uncommon for me to ask clients to sway, spin, and twirl during a portrait session. Why? Because you’re supposed to be having fun!

Location: West Allis, Wisconsin



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